We will advise a suitable time for a weaving demonstration. There may be occasions where a tie in or draft change is in progress therefor the loom will not be in production. If you are resident for a week,in most cases you will see Harris Tweed being woven. Short breaks we cannot guarantee this but every effort will be made.
Cabin 1
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Tweed woven at Rodel Vallery Log Cabins    (Click photos to enlarge)

The Griffiths double width loom can produce cloth 150 mm wide. Twice that of it's predecessor the Hattersley. There are 1,392 threads to tie in one at a time. As if that were not enough, 24 selvedge in addition.
View of the tweed through the reed.   Warp threads passing through the heddles.
The rapier picks up the weft and pulls it through the shed. Quality inspections are key to ensure the woven cloth is up to standard.